Coca-Cola - IRE – Music Summer Promotion – Long T&Cs

These terms and conditions (the “Terms and Conditions”) prevail in the event of any conflict or inconsistency with any other communications, including advertising or promotional materials. Entry instructions are deemed to form part of these Terms and Conditions and by participating all participants will be deemed to have accepted and be bound by them. Please retain a copy for your information.

The Promoter takes data protection seriously. By entering this promotion, you confirm that you have read the Privacy Policy for the applicable platform and agree to these Terms and Conditions of the promotion. By submitting any information required as part of their participation into the campaign, participants agree to their information being held and processed in accordance with the Data Protection Act 2018.

Promoter:  Coca-Cola Ireland, Ground Floor, 2 Ballsbridge Park, Ballsbridge, Dublin 4; no entries should be sent to this address.



1.       The promotion is open to Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland residents only, excluding employees and their immediate families of any Coca-Cola company, Coca-Cola HBC, their affiliates, agencies, or anyone else professionally connected with the promotion

2.       Entrants must be 16 years or over (U18s need parental consent).

3.       Internet access and registration required.

4.       Purchase necessary in Republic of Ireland.

5.       No Purchase Necessary (“NPN”) in Northern Ireland.

6.       Maximum 5 entries per day per person.

7.  Maximum of 1 Ticketmaster® Gift Card per person during the promotion. Entrants cannot win more than 1 prize.


8.      No entries from agents, third parties, organized groups, syndicates or aliases will be accepted. No incomplete, corrupted entries or multiple entries from the same person beyond the daily limit will be accepted. Only genuine valid entries will be considered. The entry must be made directly by the person entering the promotion.

Promotional Period:

9.       The opportunity to win a €100 or £100 Ticketmaster® Gift card every hour opens at 09.00 on 20.05.19 and closes at 21.00 on 30.06.19 (“Promotional Period”). Winners are drawn from all valid entries and in the corresponding draw received each hour between 09.00 -21.00 each day.

10.   There are 12 hourly draws each day in total with 1 prize to be won in each draw during the promotional period, therefore 12 prizes per day for 42 days (504 prizes in total).

Each Promotional Day

·       Draw 1 will take place from all valid entries received during the time period 09.00 -10.00;

·       Draw 2 will take place from all valid entries received during the time period 10.01 -11.00;

·       Draw 3 will take place from all valid entries received during the time period 11.01 -12.00;

·       Draw 4 will take place from all valid entries received during the time period 12.01 -13.00;

·       Draw 5 will take place from all valid entries received during the time period 13.01 -14.00;

·       Draw 6 will take place from all valid entries received during the time period 14.01 -15.00;

·       Draw 7 will take place from all valid entries received during the time period 15.01 -16.00;

·       Draw 8 will take place from all valid entries received during the time period 16.01 -17.00;

·       Draw 9 will take place from all valid entries received during the time period 17.01 -18.00;

·       Draw 10 will take place from all valid entries received during the time period 18.01 -19.00;

·       Draw 11 will take place from all valid entries received during the time period 19.01 -20.00;

·       Draw 12 will take place from all valid entries received during the time period 20.01 -21.00

11.   For entries submitted outside of these hours (after 21.01 and until 08.59 the following day within the promotional period), valid entries will be added to the first draw being made on the following day (09.00-10.00).

  How to Enter

12.   For a chance to win, entrants will need to purchase a can or bottle of Coca-Cola, Diet Coke, Coca-Cola Zero or any Sprite or Fanta packs and take a video of themselves opening the can ring-pull or bottle lid showcasing the refreshing sound of our ice-cold drinks.  

13.   Entrants need to visit and will be required to login or create an account to log in providing their full name, D.O.B, gender, country and region of residence and a valid email address (which is personal and accessible throughout the promotion).

14.   Entrants will then be able to upload their video to be entered into an hourly prize draw.

15.   Only valid entry information will be accepted, and the Promoter reserves the right to disqualify and reject any inappropriate entries. All entry information is subject to verification and interrogation. Entry information may not be sold or exchanged.

16.   Any submission entry containing the following content will not be permitted and the entrant will be disqualified:

·       Content which is distasteful or offensive, or is of a sexual nature.


·       Content for the intended purpose of harassing, threatening or embarrassing individuals or multiple individuals.


·       Content for which the Promoter determines violates the rights of any other person or entity


·       Content featuring:


1.      Elements that are known to be false, inaccurate or misleading


2.      Individuals without the consent of all featured parties.


3.      Individuals smoking tobacco, drinking or appearing to be under the influence of alcohol.


4.      Any images which contain alcohol, vaping or tobacco products.


5.      The Activity, depiction or incitement to use drugs or any banned substances.


6.      Political parties, political messages or demonstrations.


7.      Blasphemous or religious imagery or any image deemed to incite religious hatred.


8.      Potentially defamatory or otherwise actionable material.


9.      Any image which infringes any copyright, trademarks or other intellectual property rights of any third party.


10.  Third party promotional packaging, material or advertising.


11.  The depiction of the assembly of explosive materials, firearms or items deemed to be weapons of any nature.


12.  The depiction of individuals’ or companies’ names, phone numbers, email or postal addresses, or any other personal information deemed sensitive, private and/or unacceptable by the promoter.


13.  Any children under the age of 16.


14.  Any computer viruses, worms, Trojan horses or other potentially damaging computer programs or files.


·     Content that could reflect negatively on the name, reputation or goodwill of the Partner of brand owner;

·       Content sourced from commercial or third-party libraries (e.g. Getty Images, Google images etc).

·     Any content the Promoter in its sole discretion considers to be inappropriate to use.


17.     The Promoter reserves the right at its sole and absolute discretion to permanently remove any material that is deemed to be distasteful, degrading or will in any way cause offence or to disqualify any individual found to be attempting to circumvent the promotion by tampering with the operation of the promotion, setting up multiple accounts, using multiple identities, using rude, inappropriate, or profane statements or to be acting in any manner deemed by the Promoter to be in violation of the terms and conditions; or to be acting in any manner deemed by the Promoter to be disruptive.

18.     Anyone, who in the Promoter’s absolute discretion, is acting in a manner that undermines the operation and integrity of the promotion or in any way that gives an unfair advantage, will be disqualified and any persons seeking to use such information gained will be disqualified.

19.   All entries will be strictly monitored by the Promoter and their third-party adjudicators throughout and any attempts to manipulate or otherwise unfairly influence the results will result in disqualification of entry or suspension of the promotion.

20. The Promoter does not guarantee that you will have any recourse to edit or delete any content you have submitted. The Promoter shall have the right to remove or reuse any content submitted as part of your entry for any reason. You acknowledge that you, not the Promoter, are responsible for the contents of your submission. None of the content that you submit shall be subject to any obligation of confidence on the part of the Promoter, its agents, subsidiaries, affiliates, or third-party service providers and their respective directors, officers and employees.

21.   In the event of suspicious activity, the Promoter reserves the right to request further evidence to confirm the legitimacy of the entry / win.

22.   Northern Ireland residents only: No purchase necessary. To enter: Northern Ireland entrants should call the following consumer care number: 0800 317 318, where they will be required to give contact details including NI address which will be checked together with an email address, following which they will be issued with one promotional video by email per day. This promotional video should be uploaded online at to be entered into the hourly prize draw. You can use this promotional video to register a maximum of 5 entries at in one day. Your NPN entry will be entered into the promotion with the same opportunity of winning as the purchase necessary route.

23.   No Purchase Necessary requests will be subject to verification and only valid entries authorized via the above NPN route will be accepted.

The Prizes:

24       There are 12 prizes to be won each day via hourly draws during the promotional period. 504 prizes available to be won throughout the 6-week promotional period. 

·       1 x prize consists of a €100 or £100 Ticketmaster® Gift Card to be used at (ROI) or (NI) on a music event of the winner’s choice. 

25.      The winner must use their Ticketmaster® Gift Card within 12 months of their win. Cards will be activated prior to dispatch. 

26.      For full Ticketmaster® Gift Card Terms and Conditions, please review the links below; 



27.       Prizes are strictly non-transferable and must not be sold, auctioned nor advertised for sale whether on the internet, in newspapers or elsewhere. Any person found in breach of this term will be disqulified from participating. No cash alternatives or other alternative prize will be available in whole or in part, except in the event of circumstances outside the reasonable control of the Promoter, whereby the Promoter reserves the right to substitute the prizes with prizes of equal or greater value. The prize will only be awarded directly to the Winner. 


28.      Winning Ticketmaster® Gift Cards with be authorised for use as part of the relationship between Ticketmaster® and Coca-Cola™.

Selecting the winner(s)

29.      There are a total of 84 prizes available to be won each week (12 each day for 7 days) for the 6 weeks during the Promotional Period (504 in total).

30.    All 504 prizes will be available to be won throughout the Promotional Period. 

31.    All valid entries will be entered into the draw taking place for the relevant hour of entry. So, draws will be held from entries received in the previous hour between 9.00 and 21.00 every day, within 45 minutes of each draw ending. Entries made after 21.00 and before 9.00 the following day will be entered into the first draw taking place on the following day.

32.    Each draw will take place via an independently audited and verified programme. If no entries are received during the allotted hour, the draw will not take place and the prize will be forfeited.

33.    The Promoter shall have sole and final determination as to which entries are genuine and therefore eligible to take part in this Promotion.

34.   The Winners will be selected at random via an independently audited and verified prize draw selection process. The Winners will be selected, checked and then contacted via the email address submitted upon entry and required to provide the Promoter via a secure URL link with information including their name, a valid ROI or NI home address and additional contact details. Inaccurate information may result in the prize being forfeited. 

Notification and delivery of the prize

35.   The Promoter will send an email to the Winner (using the email address submitted upon entry) within 48 hours of the relevant prize draw. They will then be required to respond to the email confirming their address and contact number details via a secure URL in order to fulfil their prize. Winners need to process their claim via this URL within 7 calendar days of the winning message and email. Finally, a confirmation email will be sent to confirm when their Ticketmaster® Gift Card has been dispatched.

36.   The Promoter will make reasonable efforts to contact the winners and then after successful contact to receive, if relevant, information to allow fulfilment of the claim and arranging the prize dispatch. Regular reminder emails will be sent out to winners until they either redeem their prize in full or forfeit it in accordance with these terms. Inaccurate information may result in the prize being forfeited. However, if a winner has not responded to notification after 7 calendar days, or if a selected winner is ineligible, otherwise in breach of these terms and conditions, or is unable to take up their prize for any other reason, the Promoter reserves the right to withdraw the prize. The Promoter reserves the right to award the prize to a reserve winner who is next in line from the original relevant draw. Winners should retain their notification email message until their win has been verified.

37.     The Promoter takes data protection seriously. By entering this promotion, you confirm that you have read the Privacy Policy at and agree to these terms and conditions. By submitting any information required as part of their entry into the campaign, entrants agree to their information being held and processed in accordance with applicable data protection law.


38.   Prizes will be fulfilled via Royal Mail Signed For™ 2nd Class post or A Post ExpressPost with Signature. All prizes will be dispatched within 28 days of the confirmation of each winner’s additional information, including postal address, and any other information required.

39.   The Promoter accepts no responsibility for failed delivery due to provision of incorrect contact details. Any prize that is returned undelivered will be assumed unwanted and the Promoter reserves the right to re-allocate, if time permits, using the same process referred to above in these terms and conditions.

General Information

40.   The winners are responsible for all expenses not expressly stated in these Terms and Conditions as being included as part of the prize. The entrant will receive no fees in relation to their entry into this promotion. All costs incurred by obtaining time off from work or study to take part in the promotion are the responsibility of the Winner. The Promoter accepts no responsibility for costs incurred.

41.   The Promoter reserves the right to verify all entries and the winners and to refuse to award a prize or withdraw prize entitlement and/or refuse further participation in the promotion and disqualify the participant where there are reasonable grounds to believe there has been a breach of these terms and conditions or any instructions forming part of this promotion’s entry requirements or otherwise where a participant has gained unfair advantage in participating in the promotion or won using fraudulent means.

42.   Incomplete, illegible, corrupted entries, or those which are otherwise not in accordance with these Terms and Conditions will not be valid. The Promoter accepts no responsibility for failure to receive an entry where such failure is due to circumstances outside the Promoter’s control.

43.   In ROI, this promotion is carried out under the license issued by Saint Vincent De Paul, CHY 6892.

44.      A list of winners’ surnames and their counties will be available by posting your request to ‘Coca-Cola Music Summer Ireland Promotion, Haygarth House, 28-31 High Street, London, SW18 5BY, UK’ within 3 months of the promotion closing. Should a winner object to their information being made available, they should contact the Promoter by emailing

45.     Winners may be required to take part in reasonable publicity relating to this promotion without further remuneration.

46.      The Promoter reserves the right to add more prizes into the main promotion. Winners only will be notified in line with these Terms and Conditions

47.      The Promoter's decision is final in all matters pertaining to the promotion.

48.     In the event of circumstances outside the reasonable control of the Promoter, or otherwise where fraud, abuse, and/or an error (human or computer) affects or could affect the proper operation of this promotion or the awarding of prizes, and only where circumstances make this unavoidable, the Promoter reserves the right to cancel or amend the promotion or these terms and conditions, at any stage, but will always endeavour to minimize the effect to participants in order to avoid undue disappointment.

49.     The Promoter may at its absolute discretion disqualify any participant found to be tampering with the application process or operation of the website or to be acting in any manner disruptive to the promotion.

50.   Sometimes, through reasons outside of the Promoters control, the website (as with any website) may not be accessible. The Promoter cannot guarantee continuous, uninterrupted access to the website. No responsibility will be accepted for any difficulties in entering, claiming or any entries/claims delayed or corrupted. The Promoter will have no liability for any loss arising out of such an event.

51.   Limitations of liability: insofar as permitted by law, neither the Promoter nor the promotional parties assume any responsibility or liability for:-

1.1.      Any incorrect or inaccurate entry, or for any faulty, incorrect, errors or failed electronic data transmissions;

1.2.      Communications line failure, regardless of cause, with regard to any equipment, systems, networks, lines, satellites, servers, computers or providers utilised in any aspect of this promotion;

1.3.      Inaccessibility or unavailability of the internet or the website or any combination thereof;

1.4.      Insofar as permitted by law, any injury or damage to participants or to any other person’s computer which may be related to or resulting from any attempt to participate in the promotion;

52.   If any of these clauses should be determined to be illegal, invalid or otherwise unenforceable then it shall be severed and deleted from these terms and conditions and the remaining clauses shall survive and remain in full force and effect.

53.     These terms and conditions (and any non-contractual disputes/claims which arise out of or in connection with them) will be governed by Irish law and the courts of the Republic of Ireland shall have exclusive jurisdiction over any and all disputes arising out of, relating to or concerning these Terms.

54.   This Promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed, administered, or associated with Ticketmaster®. You understand that you are providing information to the Promoter only.


Data Protection: The Promoter will only use the personal details supplied for the administration of the promotion and the auditing of the entries where necessary and for no other purpose, unless we have your consent and you have opted-in to receive future marketing communications. Your personal details will at all times be kept confidential, and in accordance with the Data Protection Act 2018. Click here for the Promoter’s Privacy Policy You can request access to your personal data, or have any inaccuracies rectified, or request deletion of data by calling customer services on (ROI) 1800 317 318, (NI) 0800 317 318. By participating in the promotion, you agree to the use of your personal data as described here. You can withdraw your consent at any time.