Coca‑Cola Zero Sugar® bikes

Cycling is one of the best ways to get active while you’re out and about. Whether it’s a leisurely ride in the park or part of your daily commute, an active healthy lifestyle leads to a happier, healthier you! That’s why we’ve partnered with the government, National Transport Authority and local town councils to expand the renamed Coca-Cola Zero Sugar Bikes sharing scheme and get the nation pedalling.

Dublin was the first city to get in gear, as we became the official sponsor of dublinbikes in June 2014. We introduced 56 new stations and 950 new bikes so cyclists could hop on a bike at a range of locations. Watch the video to see how we made the launch an overnight surprise, complete with free samples of Coca-Cola Zero and a range of fun-filled activities throughout the day.

We have rolled out our Coca-Cola Zero Bikes scheme across Galway, Limerick and Cork, as we help people find an environmentally friendly and healthier way to travel. The public will be able to pick up and drop off a bike from any of the 1,400 docks at 73 locations across these three cities. Check out the site for more information.